PositionPost introduction
  • Market Development  Sp-ecialist

    Position: Plenty

    Job Description:

        1. Take charge of market promotion and sale of the brand, products, technology and service of the company according to the overall market planning and strategy under the guidance of the management;

        2. Collect and systemize information about the market and customers to analyze, build up archive, so as to provide theoretical foundation for further work;

        3. Explore distribution channels and contribute to the cross-region cooperation;

        4. Hold specific perspectives on market promotion and be able to fulfill tasks assigned by leaders independently.


        1. Female between 25 to 40 years old with sense of market pioneer;

        2. Have good capability in communication, expression, as well as public relation

        3. Be familiar with construction industry or municipal industry;

        4. Be self-motivated, willing to study, and quite resilient to pressure with sense of team honor;

        5. Those who have successful operating cases will be preferred.

  • Engineering Project Manager

    Position: 2

    Job Description:

        1.Take charge of the whole technical work, entrustment of engineering project and  proof-reading of drawing;

        2. Participate in design bidding of engineering project, review the key points of engineering design, and evaluate design bidding plans;

        3. Be responsible for drawing up design and construction plan of all stages of engineering, keep a close eye on engineering process;

        4. Check the construction drawings of site planning, environment design, architectural design, etc. in all stages of engineering to make sure they are scientific and reasonable.

        5. Coordinate to solve major technical problems in the process of project construction, and problems about team work of different professionals in construction drawings.

        6. Check equipment configuration, observe the applicability of new craft, methods, materials, and technology, research on various designs in the course of project exploration, and pursue innovation continuously.


        1. Male with a diploma or above in Construction, Civil Engineering, Structure related majors ;

        2. Two years’ experience in engineering technology. Those who have work experience in municipal lighting project and large-scale LED panel construction will be preferred;

        3. Be familiar with engineering standards and norms, as well as the examination and approval of design plans of engineering planning, plans of patent technology engineering, engineering technical plans;

        4. Have sense of innovation and team work, be brave to embrace challenges;

        5. Adapt to short-term business trip.

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